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Live Stream

Unlock the power of live streaming with our versatile services! Whether it's the magic of weddings, the energy of events, or the serenity of yoga classes, we bring it all to your audience's screens with seamless expertise. Let us capture and broadcast your moments, anywhere, anytime.


  • Multi-camera production

  • Live streaming to either our Real Motion Productions platform or your own platform

  • Custom on-screen graphics

  • Recording of the live stream

  • ISO recording for post-stream editing

  • In studio or on location filming


  • How much does it cost to do a live stream?
    Pricing can vary depending on what you want the live stream to look like. The bigger the production, the more it will cost. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.
  • I don't know what I want from my live stream
    If you're not sure what you want your live stream to look like, then get in touch and tell us all about your event or idea and we can guide you with how we can bring ideas to life.
  • What is an ISO recording, and why would I need it?
    ISO recording refers to the ability to create isolated recordings of your camera inputs. In live video production, you'll record your main program output for distribution. ISO recording means you can individually record each camera and video source which gives you more freedom in post-production. You may want this as if you plan on sharing the video as a recording after the event, it gives more control to be able to edit the shots.
  • Can I do a live stream anywhere?
    Live streams are often best done where there is a solid and reliable internet connection available. However, with the mobile internet now becoming increasingly reliable we can offer remote live streaming in areas without broadband, providing there is 4G/5G signal available in the area.
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