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During the COVID-19 pandemic, getting your message out to customers, clients, staff, and whoever else you may need to be in contact with, has never been more important.  Learn here how Real Motion Productions can help you.

Why might a video benefit your business now?

Having a video on your website, or social media could be pivotal in gaining customer trust during these uncertain times. They may be left wondering if the products/services they're receiving have been handled in a safe manner.  A video is a great way to promote how you have adapted to the current situation and ensure you keep your business running as smooth as possible. 


You can also have videos to use in-house, such as walkthroughs or guidance packages, to inform staff or visitors how your new operational workflows are being carried out.  

Coronavirus basic awareness on production training (provided by ScreenSkills) verified.  



  • Face masks provided for production staff

  • Antibacterial hand sanitiser available 

  • Pre-Production form to be completed by the client prior to commencement of filming



  • Interviews shot at required socially distanced space on long lenses

  • Sound recorded via shotgun microphones on stands 

  • Placemarked areas for location of talent whilst filming

  • Requirement of wireless mics will be prepared in a sealed bag for talent to self attach 

  • Wireless video monitoring via own devices

  • 'Film-your-own'! We'll talk you through how to film and what you'll need.. now see Post-Production!




  • All rushes edited off site 

  • Full client handover online 

  • Filmed your own? Great! Send us the footage, and we'll edit it together into your desired package

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